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Colleen Brand has been a client for years now. We created her original Fresh Spaces website years ago and she came back to us ready for a modernization, simplification, and update of her current site. We created an entirely new color palette and light and fun brand to represent Colleen and her personality. This was all done based on a new photo she provided us. Once we saw the photo, we knew it would make for a perfect introduction to Colleen and her her company, Fresh Spaces. It spoke to us.


With the image selected, and Colleen’s needs in mind, we went on to create an online portfolio she can use to present herself to clients. Colleen’s tagline is “Living Design Solutions” and it truly summarizes her talent. The site¬†works as both an online marketing tool, and when she is presenting in person. Her projects are the star of the show and the images speak for themselves. There was no need for animations and the site is sleek and powerful. Take a look and see Colleen’s work for yourself.