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Jo Ilfeld’s Success Reboot program needed a reboot of its own. Here is the homepage from the old site.

This started with a name change, to Incite to Leadership. Jo coaches executives and trains individuals to become the top of their game in their respective fields. Jo had already worked on a new logo and came prepared; she clearly stated the sites goals and her desires. I wanted to create a clean, crisp site that retained her signature colors, but that presented her in a modern light. The idea was to keep the basic structure of the old site but present the material in a new light.

Animations were kept to a minimum and used to great effect.  Text was minimized from previously lengthy copy and every page of the site was rethought and remade. We updated the site with a modern looking pop up offer of Jo’s free e-book and the results have been phenomenal! Please take a look at the entire site by clicking on the image below.