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Photoshop Magic

One of a Kind Wedding Pictures

Friends of a soon to be married couple wanted a followup feature to the couple’s individual articles from the New Yorker to be shown at the wedding ceremony.

The Twilight Zone

Another client asked for the hand lettered sign from the Twilight Zone series to be recreated on his barn. The second image below is of the recreation:

Something is wrong with this image

Sometimes the only picture one has in possession is not the best, so I restore color and bring back what was or what “should have been” in some cases to distorted images.

Magically appearing birds.

And then there are clients who ask to have birds added to their otherwise plain photos:

Rocky Christmas

There are repeat clients who wish to have their animals taken to new heights for holiday cards:

One sextillion dollar bill

At least once in my lifetime I was asked to create fake “monopoly money” for a store product. I was responsible for design of the one sextillion dollar bill:

Three is a Crowd

Sometimes there are just too many people and/or distractions in an otherwise perfect photo. We’re able to extract those unwanted elements and leave you with the picture you always dreamed of.

What pictures would you like corrected? What ideas have sprung up for you? We look forward to assisting with your project.