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Rachel Grant Coaching

For Ms. Grant’s sexual abuse recovery coaching program, Beyond Surviving™, we have created a multitude of media including social media/online ads and print collateral for distribution to her clients. Above is iTunes podcast cover art created for Ms. Grant’s popular podcast. Her client’s were asked to vote on various designs as we whittled it down to this final piece.

To the right is a postcard we designed for Ms. Grant to provide a list of resources for her clients. And below are Facebook advertisements created to promote a signature series talk by Ms. Grant and to promote her book.

To the right is an image created to promote the ASCA group that Ms. Grant hosts each month. Below is a take on Ms. Grant’s logo and image done for holiday promotions.

Rachel needed an advertisement for her upcoming seminar with a fear/Halloween theme. And below that is a flyer created for a seminar for which Ms. Grant was a speaker.

Bryan has created multiple designs for me, and he’s relentless when it comes to delivering exactly what you want. He took the time to get to know me, my aesthetics and preferences. While he always brings that in so as to remain consistent with my brand, he also adds in his own creativity and pizzazz oftentimes resulting in a final product that has a lot of energy and impact. I’m hesitant to share him with others — but if you’re looking for design work — he’s your guy!

Rachel Grant

Principal, Rachel Grant Coaching

For more information on Rachel Grant’s Beyond Surviving program visit her website here.