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11:11 Designs has worked on many projects with Nicole Macdonald, lead artist of the Detroit Portrait Series. Work includes image quality corrections and adjustments to existing photography of her paintings (as seen in comparing the two images above) and the creation of original flyers and handouts for upcoming shows.

Sometimes Nicole will need something simple like an image being enhanced or adjustments made to an image in order for it to show properly. Below is an example of her work in which the photo of her work had shadow problems due to the limitations of photography. In the second image you can see the shadow side of the building has been adjusted so that the building is uniform in light, color, tone and clarity.

Her second showing in the Detroit Portrait series required a poster to advertise the event. After many iterations we settled on this final image.

Bryan helps me with Photoshop and graphic work and we communicate through email as I live on the other side of the country. He has fast turn around, quotes reasonable prices, and does quality work. I also trust his opinion and suggestions. He is easy to communicate with, and is open to criticism and/or revisions. A definite recommendation!

Nicole Macdonald

Artist, The Detroit Portrait Series