Not all web hosts are the same.

In order to provide you the very best website, we use the very best web hosting. We recently moved all 1111 Designs hosted websites to Kinsta web hosting. Their ability to offer the fastest, most secure web hosting at a fair price made them the obvious choice for our clients.

We know you’ll agree that the added features and benefits are well worth the move. You’re likely paying for website security and an SSL certificate in addition to your web hosting costs, which easily exceeds $500 annually. We supply and manage your hosting, website security, and your SSL certifiicate starting at just $69 per month, or $699 annually. With GoDaddy, the equivalent services cost you $1,055.52 per year (or $87.96 per month)*.

Moving your hosting to 1111 Designs could result in saving you $706.52 per year, or more than $3k over 5 years.

Why Kinsta?

Kinsta was the clear winner when choosing a new hosting provider. We initially moved the 1111 Designs website over to Kinsta to see how they fared in real life conditions and the results have been spectacular! We had a 211% increase in traffic, average server response time was down 23.94% (down is good in this case), our bounce rate plummeted 63% (again, down is good), and Google now ranks us much higher in searches due to the change**.

Speaking of Google, we are able to offer top performance because we exclusively utilize the highest-end CPUs Google has to offer. You will see performance improvements from 30% up to 200%! Get ready for a quick loading website.

In addition, we identify performance issues that slow down your site using our custom-designed performance monitoring tool for WordPress sites. Best of all, we now offer you a hack-free guarantee, meaning that if your site gets hacked, we will take care of the restoration at no additional cost to you. Some of you have had your website hacked and know how extremely costly the repair can be. You can say goodbye to those costs from now on when hosting with us.

Finally, we provide SSL certificates with your hosting, so there are no separate fees to ensure your site is secure for both you and your visitors. Following are just a few of the highlights of 1111 Designs hosting:

  • Daily backups with 30-day backup retention
  • Malware protection
  • Hack-free guarantee
  • 50-200% faster load time
  • Wildcard SSL support included
  • Delivery of faster pages to all your users
  • Content stored close to your website visitors with a CDN in more than 200 cities worldwide
  • Enterprise-Level Firewall and DDoS Protection
  • HTTP/3 support
  • Cloudflare integration
  • Edge-caching (coming soon)

What Do We Need From You?

To move your site to our hosting plan, we will need the login information to your current host and registrar. Your host is the company that hosts your website and your registrar is the company that you purchased your domain name from (likely GoDaddy, Google Domains, namecheap, or We need this information to point your DNS to the new 1111 Designs hosted site. During this update, there will be no downtime and your visitors will not be aware of the chanage, though they will wonder why your website is suddenly twice as fast. It takes between 2-72 hours for the update to occur.

What’s the Cost?

Our total web package including hosting, security, and maintenance is just $699  (annually) or $69 (monthly) and includes your SSL certificate, daily backups, updates and our hack-free guarantee, all at no additional cost

If you have any questions we are always available by text, email, or phone. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your website is fast, safe, secure, and always available. And your customers and clients will be grateful for the change, we assure you!

New clients, contact us today to move your hosting.

*GoDaddy WordPress Enterprise hosting – $24.99/mo ($299.88/yr) , GoDaddy Premium Security – $29.99/mo ($719.76/yr), SSL Certificate (included with plans), and GoDaddy Daily Backups – $2.99/mo total $1,055.52/yr. Prices checked on May 25, 2022.
** Google Analytics data recorded May 25th, 2022.