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SAVE $390 (normally 18 hours at $1,350)
This setup package includes all of the following:
  1. Determine site content and aesthetic, and then select/create appropriate theme, color palette, fonts and icons. (3 hours)
  2. Gather source material and create a site using the WordPress platform that consists of 4-5 pages/sections that include the following, or their equivalent:

    a. Home page: describes the purpose of your site, presents service or product general information. (1.5 hours);
    b. About page: bio of site owner/manager, site history & background. (1 hour);
    c. Contact page: contact information including address, phone and email and a contact form. (1 hour);
    d. Testimonial/reviews page: recommendations and reviews from current clients/customers/ members/users. (1 hour); and
    e. Blog: space to post news and updates related to your site. (1.5 hours)

  3. Create top level menu for site navigation. (.5 hours)
  4. Install and customize the following plugins to provide specialized and essential features and functions: a) WordPress.com’s Jetpack (includes more features than I can list), b) All-in-one-SEO-Pack (search engine visibility), c) Akismet (spam protection) and d) BackupBuddy (website backup). (2 hours)
  5. Collect, manage, create, correct, resize and crop all graphic design elements. (4 hours)
  6. Create favicon, iDevice icon and Android site icons. (1 hour)
  7. Provide documentation for site management hand-off when requested. (1.5 hours)



SAVE $180 (normally 9.5 hours at $712)
  1. Create Facebook business page, Google+ business page, and Twitter page, including all graphic elements. (4 hours)
  2. Create Google Analytics account for tracking website performance and statistics. (1 hour)
  3. Incorporate Google Analytics into the site for tracking and analyzation. (.5 hours)
  4. Add Facebook, Google+, and Twitter sharing buttons to blog and website pages. (.5 hours)
  5. Provide graphic link/site portal to your social media business pages to integrate social identity. (1 hour)
  6. Setup blog so that it your entries automatically post to Facebook, Google+, Path, or Twitter (upon request) (1 hour)
  7. Create Widget area on the site with up to 3 widgets of your choice: site search, page list, blog subscription, post categories, links, mini Facebook wall, Twitter timeline, etc. (1.5 hours)



SAVE $100 (normally 5 hours at $375)
  1. SEO: Configure All-in-one-SEO-Pack settings and its additional social management features. (1 hour)
  2. SITEMAP & INDEXING: Set up all pages for easy indexing by Google, Yahoo! and Bing! to promote and increase search engine visibility and ranking. Submit sitemaps to Google and Bing. (3 hours)
  3. AUTOMATIC METADATA: Set up blog to automatically post tags as metadata for improved search engine results placement. (1 hour)


a la carte pricing
  1. WEBSITE SECURITY: Provide regular, recurring off-site secure backups ($125 annually)
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA PLUS: Create Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp!, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and/or other social media business pages including creation of graphic design elements ($125 per social media site)
  3. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT STARTUP: Mailchimp account creation and site integration with Mailchimp lists and forms for automatic customer data collection - stay in touch with your readers & visitors ($225)
  4. CUSTOM SITE EMAIL: Setup ([email protected]) email addresses for up to 3 users and provide instruction for setup on your email client. ($225)
  5. MONTHLY MAINTENANCE - Check all site links to ensure they are valid and unbroken, check that media is posting correctly, moderate blog comments, update theme and plugins, as required. (Inquire for pricing)


a la carte pricing
  1. DOMAIN NAME: Acquisition of URL - website name and extension. ($25 annually and up)
  2. HOMEPAGE IMAGE SLIDER: Engage your audience with visually compelling landing page slides. ($190)
  3. PORTFOLIO SECTION: Display your creatives in their own section of your site. ($90 per 15 items)
  4. COMPANY/PERSONAL LOGO: Creation of basic logo with 2 drafts and 3 revisions. ($700)
  5. BUSINESS CARDS: 2-sided design and HQ image files provided for printing. ($460 or $300 with purchase of logo)
  6. BUSINESS SYSTEMS: Letterhead, business card template, stationary. ($850)
  7. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Managed posting of original content to your blog and social media pages. (Inquire for pricing)
  8. WORDPRESS TRAINING: Provide basic instruction, and share knowledge of best practices for posting to your blog and maintaining your website. ($75/hour)


pricing based on number of items/features
  1. SALES - Shopping cart and product pages. ($300 and up)
  2. MEMBERSHIP SITE - Setup secure site requiring registration of members. ($300 and up)
  3. PAYMENT GATEWAY INTEGRATION - Setup site for taking payments through Paypal, Stripe, etc. ($300 and up) 
  4. SSL CERTIFICATION - Required to accept certain methods of payment directly on one’s website. ($125 annually)


  1. WEB HOSTING -  Hosting through 1111 Designs** ($180 annually)

* Package purchase deals can save you 30% compared to the hourly rate cost for the same exact work.

** Hosting can be obtained independent of 1111 Designs through any provider. Please note: Login credentials to your site must be provided for access before site construction and development can commence. Ensure that you have obtained WordPress managed hosting through your provider if you choose to purchase on your own. Also, if obtaining separate hosting be sure to have DNS management and access instructions oh hand for required nameserver pointing and optional email setup.

Please note: All prices are based on first purchasing a basic website creation package. Additional features offered at a la cart pricing are only available at this price in conjunction with the package and may not be purchased separately at this special price. Please inquire directly for rates for individual projects listed.