Website Design

Dr. Shapiro’s A New View of Food

A New View of Food needed a new view of itself. The old website was a challenge to navigate and newsletter/free gift signups were not obvious. We remade the site into a truly unique new view of food.

Debra Shapiro, MD’s website, A New View of Food was lackluster and information was overwhelming. It lacked visual interest and was filled with dead links. We found a way to present her offerings in a vibrant, passionate manner, filled with rich imagery of food, free giveaways, and an air of optimism. 

Home is Where the Food Is

The old homepage lacked any personalization. We decided to feature Dr. Shapiro, as she has an outgoing, energetic, full of life personality who can easily bring in new followers when given the opportunity. We employed natural, whole food imagery in every section of the website to convey her diet which is full of delicious, natural, whole foods. 

What Services?

Services provided weren’t made clear on the old site and it wasn’t quite clear exactly what the website was directing the visitor toward. We fixed that by highlighting each specific service, not only on the home page but on a unique services page with boxes highlighting each available service Dr. Shapiro offers.

Sharing is Caring

We created an e-book with Dr. Shapiro intended as a free giveaway in order to grow her mailing list. We feature signs up areas throughout the site to encourage visitors to join her mailing list. The e-book is based on blog entries from Dr. Shapiro and was proudly designed in-house. 

Full Service Contact

Dr. Shapiro’s contact page needed revamping. It only offered an email address and phone number. We included as much information as possible on our new contact page, allowing for scheduling of 1-on-1 visits and a variety of ways to interact with Dr. Shapiro. In addition, we made sharing of her site easier for visitors by providing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn share buttons in addition to a page printing function.

Next Steps

Have 1111 Designs create your dream website featuring rich imagery and clear information. We will help you build your mailing list with a freebie.

Visit Dr. Shapiro’s A New View of Food website to view our work.