Graphic Design

Rachel Grant Coaching

We’ve created multiple online ad campaigns for Rachel Grant Coaching, a life coach who specializes in transforming childhood sexual abuse trauma.

Rachel Grant is a life coach. We’ve been creating her online advertising and prmotional materials since 2014.


Rachel needed banners to advertise her presence at trade shows, book signings, and events. We created three with a variety of colors that complement one another.

Podcast & Artwork

We created Rachel’s podcast from the ground up, designing the cover artwork and submitting the podcast to Apple for approval.

Men’s Groups Ads

We needed to employ more masculine images for Rachel’s men’s groups. We chose bolder colors and a slightly differing, but complimentary aesthetic for these ads.

Women’s and Specialized Group Ads

Rachel wanted an inviting ad for her women’s group (right), a fun ad for her radio show (right/below), and a dramatic ad for her partner’s podcast (below).

Teleseminar Ads

Rachel puts on regular teleseminars to educate her audience. These ads were produced for those seminars, each with a distinct theme. They also often included links to download free materials.

Shake Off The Shame Ads

We wanted to grab viewers attention with a darker set of ads for the Shake Off The Shame project.

Facebook Ads

We adapted all of the artwork for each project to work with Facebook ads.


We’ve designed a number of postcards for Rachel Grant’s Beyond Surviving program. The one to the right was created to share resources with her clients and the one below was business card sized and used as a referral mechanism.

Next Steps

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