Graphic Design

The Platinum Concierge

We manage a majority of the marketing needs for a concierge tour agency in San Francicso.

The Platinum Concierge, a tour company in San Francisco, approached us to develop their online brand. After designing a logo, we were taked with building a website that included a landing page, booking page (e-commerce), and free giveaway page. We’ve also designed promo items for the company.


The Platinum Concierge wanted to convey strength, reliability, exclusivity, and made in America. We created a logo that encompasses all of these traits as an easy digestible icon.

Trade Show Banners

When The Platinum Concierge attends trade shows and promotional tours they require banners to advertise their brand. We created a triptych for them to use on the road.

Giveaway Promo

Our client needed a way to grow their newsletter/mailing list so we created for them the Top 21 Things to Do in San Francisco eBook which is downloadable once visitors sign up for the newsletter. The mailing list has grown exponentially since the introduction of this item.


In order to extend their reach and to stay in touch with clients, we created a postcard for TPC which highlights their offerings. On one side, rich imagery and on the othrer, a description of TPC’s abilities.

Water Bottle Labels

Our client wanted an in-person branded giveaway item for traadeshows. We created a water bottle label for complimentary bottled water giveaways.

Hotel Introduction Card

The Platinum Concierge works closely with concierges at the major hotels in San Francisco. This item was created for the conciergees to provide to clients when looking for a tour of the city.

Next Steps

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