Total Website Peace of Mind™️

Introducing the Ultimate Trio: Turbo Servers, Mighty Maintenance & Ironclad Security


Turbocharged Servers & Unbeatable Uptime: The Flash Has Nothing on Us

Prepare for liftoff! Our servers, fueled by Google’s cutting-edge C2 machines, deliver lightning-fast speeds and an astonishing 99.99% uptime. With this kind of performance, your website will glide through cyberspace like a supersonic jet with an espresso addiction!

  • Powered by Google C2 machines for top-tier performance
  • 99.99% uptime, keeping your online presence strong and reliable
  • Unmatched speed, ensuring your website leaves competitors in the dust
Website Hosting Plan

Starting at $34 monthly or $349 annually

(two months free when you pay annually)


Mighty Maintenance: Bug-Slaying Superheroes on Standby

Don’t let pesky bugs bleed your wallet dry! Our vigilant maintenance plan exterminates these digital critters before they wreak havoc on your website. With our team on your side, you’ll save time and money while keeping your online presence in tip-top shape.

  • 24/7 website monitoring to catch issues early
  • Regular updates for WordPress, themes, and plugins to maintain peak performance
  • Monthly 30-minute consultations to strategize and discuss your website’s progress
  • Daily security scans, ensuring your site is safe and sound
  • Rapid 4-hour response time for any issues, because waiting isn’t our style
Website Maintenance Plan

Starting at $34 monthly or $349 annually

(two months free when you pay annually)


Ironclad Security: Unleashing Your Digital Defenders

Banish hacker nightmares for good! Our cyber guardians provide a fortress-like shield to protect your website. With our top-tier security plan, you can focus on growing your business while we fend off the digital evildoers lurking in the shadows.

  • Locking down hacker hotspots, making your site an impenetrable fortress
  • Migrating your website to SSL/HTTPS for a secure connection
  • Continuous network monitoring, because vigilance is our middle name
  • Keeping WordPress, themes, and plugins fresh to stay ahead of threats
  • Strict password policy enforcement to keep intruders at bay
  • Deploying a robust website firewall to block unwanted visitors
  • Regular malware scans to detect and remove hidden threats
  • Updating server software, PHP, and hardware for enhanced security

And if trouble strikes, we’ll swoop in like digital superheroes and save the day. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the heavy lifting!

Website Security Plan

Starting at $34 monthly or $349 annually

(two months free when you pay annually)


The Complete Package

Why settle for less when you can have it all? Our unbeatable trifecta of high-performance servers, vigilant maintenance, and impenetrable security will keep your website flying high and worry-free. Boost your online presence, save time and money, and focus on what matters – growing your business. Embrace the power of the Ultimate Trio and leave the competition in the dust!
Starting at $69 monthly
or $699 annually

(two months free when you pay annually)

* Total cost savings vs. purchasing individual services.