Graphic Design


We manage a majority of the educational training materials and marketing needs for a teacher training firm in San Francicso.

CT3 is a educational organization whose unique training methodology enables teachers to increase student on-task behaior by leaps and bounds. We’ve been creating their training materials, marketing materials, and promotional items since 2014.

Business Cards

CT3 needed a bold, distinct business card with a ton of infomration included on it. We were able to include all of the necessary info in a regular sized business card with a strong, distinctly branded front side.

Sales Sheets

CT3 promotes their business to schools through printed material. Displayed are sales one-pagers for 2022 featuring three of their most popular programs.

Event Program

CT3 puts on events where teachers, coaches, and local education-focused non-profits are featured and awarded. This is a program for a recent event in Mississippi.

Leadership Conference

In addition to training coaches and teachers, CT3 trains current and future leaders in education. This is an informative flyer for an upcoming trainig featuring a QR code to their website for further information.

District Data Overview

We have employed an infographic style to convery important training data to local school personnel regarding their district’s performance. The sheet features success data to help convince teachers to enroll in the program and to demostrate the reach of CT3.

Strategy Guide Booklets

We produce professiionally printed strategy guide booklets base don CT3 training tehnology. These booklets are between 10-160 pages and feature all of the different programs and training within the CT3 curriculum.

Role Playing Cards

We created a set of role playing cards that provide trainees characters and scenarios to act out teacher/student interactions. Gamification of the process helps to involve more teachers and coaches.

Coaches Notepads

1111 Designs created a custom notepad for coaches to use when reviewing a classroom in oreder to provide feedback. Each notepad contain 100 sheets.


We created original formal certificates of completion for coaches trained in the CT3 system. The certificates are suitable for framing and are a source of pride for the recipients. This is a great way to show that you value your clients and customers.


We’ve designed a number of postcards for CT3. This most recent one is to be included with the founder’s new book, Every Student, Every Day to help locate resouces for the book. We employed an original design to convey that message.

Next Steps

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