Website Design

The Platinum Concierge

The challenge included creating a brand identity and website with e-commerce capabilities for a tour agency in San Francicso.

The Platinum Concierge, a tour company in San Francisco, approached us to develop their online brand. After designing a logo, we were tasked with building a website that included a landing page, booking page (e-commerce), and free giveaway page to collect email addresses from potential new clients.

Booking Page

The unique needs of our client required us to develop a complete booking solution for their customers. We developed the website so that customers can book tours, pay their deposit, and secure a date, without a human involved. The implementation required solutions for credit card processing and scheudling.


Our client wanted to sell experiences in addition to standard tours so we designed a page to highlight the experiecnes offered.

Landing Page

Our client needed a single page to cover all of their offerings in a succinct package. We designed a landing page that highlights all of their offerings and provides a pathway to explore the entire website.


In order to build their mailing list, we designed a Top 21 Guide to San Francisco, which is offered as a free PDF book to visitors when they sign up for the company’s mailing list.

Next Steps

Have 1111 Designs create your e-commerce website and see your sales soar.

Visit The Platinum Concierge website to view our work and feel free to book a tour while you’re there.