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11:11 Designs was founded in 2014. Bryan’s fascination with storytelling was sparked by cherished childhood memories. As a child, he would spend countless hours at his grandmother’s knee, listening intently as she shared stories of her life and adventures traveling the world. These stories were not just words to him; they were vivid, colorful worlds he could dive into, full of cityscapes, adventures, and endless possibilities.

This early love for stories evolved over the years, as he realized the profound impact they could have—not just in words, but in every form of communication. He saw design not just as visual art but as a narrative tool, a way to tell a story without saying a word. It was this realization that led him to the world of website and graphic design, where every color, shape, and line could be part of a larger narrative.

Driven by this passion, Bryan founded 11:11 Designs. His aim was to harness the power of storytelling in the digital realm, to create not just websites and logos, but experiences that resonate with people on a deeply personal level. In this way, his childhood adventures among the stories of his grandmother’s adventures became the cornerstone of 11:11 Designs’ philosophy, infusing every project with a sense of wonder and narrative depth.

Let us tell your story through design. Contact us today to begin your next adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of research will you do on our business?

We conduct an in-depth “discovery” process. This involves understanding your you, your business, industry, and target audience. Our focus is on getting to know your brand’s purpose, required functionalities, and strategizing the best way to position your brand online. Your business’s unique needs are at the forefront of our design approach.

Will you review my existing website prior to building my new website?

Yes, reviewing your existing website is essential to understand its history, current state, and future goals. For small websites, we provide verbal feedback, and for larger sites, we might suggest an in-depth review. If you’re moving from an old site to a new one, rest assured we’ll handle the necessary behind-the-scenes work.

Do you offer services other than web design?

While our primary expertise is in web design, we also have graphic design capabilities including logo design, brand photography, and social media graphics, among others. We collaborate with industry-specific writers, directors of photography, and photographers to provide tailored solutions. Always feel free to share your specific requirements, and we’ll guide you accordingly.

Can you design a website that fits my budget?

We believe in transparency regarding our pricing. However, the true cost can vary depending on the project’s specific needs. We provide a detailed quote, ensuring an accurate reflection of the work and costs involved.

Do you work in-house or outsource your projects?

Our brand and web design and development work are all handled in-house. However, for specialized tasks like content writing or professional photography, we collaborate with skilled creatives to deliver the best results for our clients.

What's the difference between maintenance and development?

Our maintenance care packages encompass crucial aspects such as security, backup, hosting, speed optimization, and more. They are designed to keep your website running smoothly and securely by taking care of essential day-to-day operations. Our approach is to manage your full technical stack, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about the technical intricacies.

On the other hand, our development services focus on enhancing your website’s functionality. This includes making changes to your site, building custom features, integrating plugins, and addressing any specific development needs. These services are geared towards evolving and expanding the capabilities of your website. As a benefit of being on our care plan, you gain access to these development services at a discounted hourly rate, making it even easier to enhance and grow your website.

Is your hosting secure?

Security is our top priority. We use a secure international network of cloud computers that also serves large corporations.

We also perform daily backups and monitor all sites 24/7 for potential threats. Even more, every site we host operates in an isolated software container with all the software resources needed to run the site, making sure each site is completely private.

Are you around 24/7/365 for emergencies?

Yes! 11:11 Autopilot is proud to offer 24/7 support for any emergencies with many ways to reach out. Should anything unexpected happen to your store, our team stands by to help you get back to making sales in record time!

What do you need from me before we start the project?

Before starting, it’s essential for us to have a clear checklist of required items like written content, photography, and logo. Depending on the project’s budget, you might provide all these materials, or we might help create them for you. Regardless, you’ll always be involved, especially in providing feedback. We will guide you with specific tasks and deadlines. We ensure clarity from the outset, with meetings scheduled in advance, and ample time allocated for feedback and any adjustments.

Does the hosting company I choose matter?

We understand that your WooCommerce site may have unique requirements and preferences when it comes to hosting providers. We have extensive experience working with various hosting providers, so no matter which one you use, we’re well-equipped to assist you.

However, it’s essential to note that not every hosting provider can deliver the speed and functionality your site requires. That’s why, as part of our commitment to your success, we include free dedicated hosting with all our plans. This ensures top-tier speeds and security, allowing your site to operate at peak performance levels.

What if my website receives a large number of visitors? Will your servers be able to handle it?

You bet! We’ve seen instances where websites get a sudden influx of visitors, and guess what? It doesn’t break a sweat.

We keep a close eye on our hosted sites 24/7, so you won’t ever be caught off guard. And if your plan starts feeling the strain from a spike in traffic, we’ll shoot you a heads-up ASAP about upgrading.

But here’s the cool part, we also offer the option to automatically scale up temporarily when things get crazy with traffic, so your site stays smooth and speedy for all your visitors.

Do you have a portfolio I can see?

Yes, we showcase selected web and graphic designs on our site. Visit our portfolio here. When reviewing, consider design style, responsiveness, user experience, and clarity. Each of our designs is tailored to the client’s needs, ensuring uniqueness and alignment with their specific goals.

What is the 30-day money back guarantee?

Simply put, if you’re not happy with our service, we’ll refund you fully within 30 days. No questions asked! Keep in mind you will need to migrate the site back to your own hosting provider of choice.

What is the typical response time and resolution time?

We aim to respond to the majority of ticket requests within 24 hours. For single-request tickets, most are resolved within 48 hours, although the resolution time may vary depending on the complexity of the task.

With our Priority Support option, we expedite the process even further. Single requests submitted through Priority Support are typically resolved within 12-24 hours, though the timeline may still depend on the task’s complexity.

For multiple-request tickets, the resolution time may be slightly longer, contingent on the specific requests involved. Nevertheless, rest assured that fast resolution remains one of our core commitments.

My WordPress site has been hacked. Can you assist me?

Absolutely! With our 11:11 Autopilot plan, we include complete malware removal. We’ll have your site up and running ASAP.

Do you provide phone support?

Of course, we do! If you have any questions just reach out and we can schedule a call to chat.

Can I start with a monthly plan and upgrade to the yearly plan when I’m ready?

Absolutely! We highly recommend starting with a monthly plan, and here’s why: it allows you to experience firsthand the 11:11 Autopilot difference. We understand that entrusting the maintenance of your website to us is a significant decision. Opting for a monthly plan gives us the chance to build trust and establish a solid working relationship with you.

When you’re ready to take advantage of the cost-saving benefits offered by our yearly plan, simply let us know. We’re here to accommodate your preferences and ensure you get the best value for your needs.

Can I cancel my plan at anytime or get a refund?

While we believe you’ll be delighted with the service 11:11 Autopilot provides, we understand that circumstances may lead you to cancel your plan. You have the flexibility to cancel your plan at any time, although please note that we do not offer refunds after the initial 30 days of your subscription.

In the event that you do choose to cancel, rest assured that we will continue to deliver the same high-quality maintenance and service to your website until the end of your subscription period. Following this, you’ll be responsible for migrating your site to your preferred hosting provider.

Can 11:11 Designs create an e-commerce site?

Yes! We’re equipped to design e-commerce sites tailored to your needs, ensuring that it’s both user-friendly and functional. We’ll discuss the tech capabilities in detail with you to choose the best fit.

How many rounds of edits/revisions are included?

Typically, we offer 2–3 rounds of revisions. Our goal is to align closely with your vision from the start, minimizing the need for extensive changes. Additional edits beyond the standard rounds might incur extra costs.

Why do I need a maintenance plan for my website?

Websites are no longer static and require updating. The theme, plugins, and WordPress itself require regular updating and monitoring to ensure your website operates as intended.

Plus, it is important to keep your site content, files, videos, pictures, etc. fresh and current. This helps to keep your site visitors informed and engaged.

What post-launch support does 11:11 Designs offer?

After your site goes live, we offer a complimentary 1-hour training session. This will equip you with the knowledge to manage and update your site. We also have additional training and support options available based on your needs. We also offer maintenance packages to continue the management of your site post-launch.

Will I own the site and its contents after launch?

Yes, you will! While the platform/template might not be owned by you, all content, including graphics we design, will be yours. We’ll ensure your domain and hosting are registered in your name, and provide all necessary files post-launch.

For any further queries, feel free to reach out to our team at 11:11 Designs. We’re here to help!


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