Website Design

Gay Buddhist Fellowship

The challenge was to fix an outdated and broken website. With a large membership to appease, things needed to be simplified, categorized, and made clear.

Gay Buddhist Fellowship of San Francisco approached us to rethink their entire website. The old website was a hodgepodge of information that was difficult to navigate. They wanted a clean, modern website with simple, straightforward navigation. To give you an idea of the size of the website, it contained more than 10 decades of audio recordings.

Rethinking Direction

We completed an inventory of the site content and categorized everything. We then simplified main categories displayed on the homepage. Rather than rely on the menu, visitors are now immersed into categories on the home page.

Giving Should Be Simple

GBF’s donation page was uninviting and it wasn’t exactly clear how to make a donation. We created a very visible donation button and placed it at the top of the page. We further customized it so that it matched the aesthetics of the site. We made donating a much simpler and more enjoyable process.

Calling All Speakers

The calendar page consisted of a paragraph after paragraph of text introducing upcoming speakers … no photos, no bios, no other information. We automated their calendaring process, allowing for rich calendar to appear anywhere on the site and filter whatever content they like. The calendar page now shows the upcoming talent to speak at their events and includes the speaker’s photo, bio, and ticketing information. The speakers listed are automatically updated and their position adjusted based on the current date so that only upcoming speakers are featured.

Membership Has Its Perks

GBF is incredibly connected. It is a fellowship after all. But their old contact page consisted of just text and it wasn’t formatted for content consumption. We created a new contact page with boxes clearly highlighting each methods in which to interact with GBF. Now, signing up for their email list, joining their google group, adding oneself to the member directory, or sending a donation by mail couldn’t be more obvious. 

Next Steps

Have 1111 Designs rethink your outdated membership site and make life easier on your staff, your members, and yourself.

Visit the Gay Buddhist Fellowship website to view our work.